Speedway: Released January, 1999.

So recently I was in store called Criminal Records, a Comic Book/Vinyl store in Little 5 Points, Atlanta, and found something.. odd.

They had a section where they sold CDs for a dollar. Like.. a dollar-six after tax, and I found this album, staring at me amongst the rubble

The music sounds how the album looks
It was just looking at me, begging me to buy it. So I was like, "Fuck it," and bought it. Now.. I've looked for these guys.. and you can't find info anywhere, aside from purchasing the CD on or eBay, where apparently some assholes think that it's worth between 54 and 75 bucks.. Fuck eBay, dude.

Of course.. when I popped it in at home, I could tell why it was so cheap and I'd never heard of them. Aside from maybe two songs.. alot of the shit is.. well.. shit. The song "Jellies" is probably the best thing on there. It sounds as though they recorded with a microphone, underwater. The songs are slow.. and there's always this feeling they're gonna pick up, but they rarely do.

However.. that's also why it's pretty damn cool. This band is raw. I'd say they were a softer side of Grunge with a grudge towards everyone else who made it before them. You can tell that this Album is probably their one shining moment. And that, for me, is worth my dollar.

Besides.. it's not horrible background music.

So the point? Those Dollar-Bin CDs are shit. But you should buy one every now and then. You might be surprised.

Now probably the only picture of them on the Internet


First Poast!

Just got my blog up and running! Throwing in a first post for sanity's sake. Once I get this thing worked out, you can expect some innaresting blogs coming through!